10 Months Old!

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Charlee has a too-fus - two teeth coming in at once.  Andie’s first tooth is coming in well and a second one has started.

Charlee really likes tea.

We are now eating cheese bits, cheerios, yogurt, and black beans.

The girls have mastered crawling… well, Andie still does more of an army crawl and Charlee gets lazy quickly, but it is SO ADORABLE to watch them in a crawling parade.  The girls prefer to stand or attempt to walk instead of crawling.  They can stand at the window and sofa table for really long periods of time and have started to cruise to other areas by holding the couch or other things.

The baby jail is working out great.  If the girls are not in their pen, they rapidly crawl 10-30 feet from where you left them, pull themselves up on furniture or moving objects like their walkers, and proceed to be very dangerous.

One night Charlee was going around the kitchen in her walker and Andie pulled herself to standing on Charlee’s walker and then Charlee took off.  Andie was clinging to the edge and continued to stand as she was dragged through the kitchen.  It looked like she was water skiing.

The girls still absolutely LOVE seeing videos and pictures of themselves.  They frequently fight over my cell phone and take numerous selfies.  My cell phone picture gallery is hundreds of blurry baby face pictures.  Charlee was messing with my phone one night and managed to send a selfie (okay maybe it was just her nose) with message to her Mimi.

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