7 Months Old!



We feel like we have finally turned a corner after the 6 month mark!  We are still pretty exhausted since the girls are not regularly sleeping through the night and they still like to take turns napping during the day, but they are comfortable in their schedule and they can play on their own or watch Sesame Street to give us a small break here and there.

Charlee is extremely interested in cell phones and the TV remotes.  Santa had to bring deliver a toy cell phone and toy remote so that she would stop grabbing at ours.  However, when she does grab our phones, she really wants to take selfie pictures.  She loves seeing her picture come up on the screen over and over and over again.  Also, when I get out the big camera for our photo shoots, Charlee is v ery interested.  In many pictures, you can see her arms outstretched and that is because she is trying to grab at the camera.  Sometimes we take pictures of sissy together so that she can see sissy’s picture come up on the screen… over and over again.  Andie is more interested in the Ipad.  We were trying to get her to do the index finger swipe, but usually she just does a hand crunching action, which still brings her to different pages and some screens that we can’t even reach through logical moves.

Speaking of hand crunching – I tried to make hand-imprint ornaments to mark the girls’ first Christmas.  I rolled out the salt dough and make a bunch of little circles.  I grab Charlee and smush her flat hand into each circle and she is somewhat intrigued and very cooperative.  I then grab Andie and she refuses to open her hand, screams as I smush it into the dough and then immediately crunches her hand up and ruins the print as she grabs the dough into her hand.  I finally got a good hand print out of her and move it to the side to do another.  As we are doing the second one, she takes her left hand and grabs the first good one and smushes it into a ball.  Oy!  Not an easy project as I anticipated.  I later tried to make paint handprints onto glass ball ornaments.  I started with the Miss Cooperative Charlee first and covered her hand in paint as Daddy held her.  She immediately make a fist and started crying and then we had to battle her to open her hand to remove the paint before she put it in her mouth.  Fail.

Charlee is a very hungry girl.  We have moved to eating many fruits and vegetables and Charlee is a bottomless pit.  I’m not sure how many ounces of food a 6 month old is supposed to eat, but when I’m opening a 3rd container for just her (and it is mixed with oatmeal) I start to get concerned and question if she has an “off button.”  Charlee is very good at opening her mouth, swallowing quickly, and frequently makes MMM MMMM sounds and bangs on her tray when she wants more.  Andie is usually sucking on her bib and I have to poke her face or do something crazy to get her attention to even get one bite of food in her mouth.  Charlee will eat anything; however Andie refused to eat peas and greenbeans.  She sealed her mouth shut and wouldn’t open it after coaxing.

Andie continues to be very loud and defiant, although she is also all smiles and a big flirt.  She has figured out that she really likes attention and will do something crazy, i.e. loud, if someone hasn’t addressed her for some time.  Andie was the first one to figure out the joy of tissue paper and wrapping paper.  We had the girls sitting toe and toe and Andie kept violently shaking the wrapping paper and Charlee just laughed at her.  It is really heart warming to see the girls smile and laugh at each other… although they still continue to steal things from one another.  It does not matter if you plop both of them down with their own blankets, lovies, Sophies, and/or other toys – they will just grab the other one’s items and take it as her own.

Both girls are sitting very well.  If Charlee falls over, she cries until someone uprights her.  If you put her on her stomach, she will cry until she can flip herself to her back.  Andie will throw herself face forward onto the carpet from the sitting position and then do a sequence of rolls to get to where she wants to go.  These girls are so different!  Andie’s crib has been moved to the lowest position as we realize that she is only moments away from pulling herself to standing.

The girls have slept all the way through on a couple of occasions, but usually are still waking at least once a night, usually around 2am.  Thankfully the girls slept through on Christmas morning.  Andie woke and ate at 5am and was still rolling around by 530a so we pulled her into our bed where she fell back asleep.  At 730a, Charlee woke up and we actually had to wake Andie to go downstairs to see what Santa brought.

The girls are really enjoying Sesame Street and have started to play more intently with their toys.  They are getting a little stir crazy in the living room and have behaved very well when we leave the house for walks around the neighborhood on the warmer days or if we can get them out to target.  It is really funny to watch them in public places since their eyes are huge with so much to see.

By the end of the month, the girls had figured out how to give hugs and kisses which made us feel great!

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