First Night Home

Uncle Ryan and Aunt Courtney helped us come home.  They took this great picture.

car ride home

If there is one thing drilled into new parents these days, it is the guidance that newborns must sleep on their backs.  Andy and I placed Andie and Charlee into a crib last night and within minutes they had flipped toward each other in mirrored positions.  We were shocked.

1st night

As new parents of twins, many nurses at the hospital commented about how calm we were.  Well, the calmness wore off quickly upon walking in our front door as we instantly felt as if we had no idea what we were doing.  All of the plans that I had made during the pregnancy were near useless with my immobility.  At midnight, Andy and I put the girls down and hoped to attain a few hours ourselves.  We quickly realized that having to monitor your own babies while sleeping is a lot different than sending them to the hospital nursery.  When your babies are in the nursery, you sleep soundly and confidently as you know that someone is looking after them.  At home alone, we were just plain anxious about every sound and movement detected by the monitor.  Are they waking up?  Are they okay?  What kind of noise is that?  It wasn’t long before Charlee was fully upset and Andy stayed up with her from 130 to 4am trying to feed her and put her back down.  At 4am, Andy woke me up and I took over until 7am so that he could obtain his 3 hours of sleep.

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