Hospital Stay

IMG_4349 IMG_4345 IMG_4341 IMG_4334 IMG_4332 IMG_4331 IMG_4323 IMG_4319 IMG_4317 IMG_4303 IMG_4296 IMG_4290 IMG_4289 IMG_4288Left – Charleen     Right – Cassandra
IMG_4280 IMG_4279 IMG_4275 IMG_4274 IMG_4253 IMG_4249Cassandra
IMG_4245 IMG_4241 IMG_4225 IMG_4223 IMG_4218 IMG_4213 IMG_4210 IMG_4180 IMG_4176 IMG_4173Cassandra

IMG_4161 IMG_4158 IMG_4156Top – Charleen    Bottom – Cassandra
IMG_4153 IMG_4149Cassandra
IMG_4146 IMG_4136Above – Cassandra – Small head
IMG_4131Above – Charleen – NOT a small head :-)
IMG_4129 IMG_4123 IMG_4121 IMG_4118 IMG_4112 IMG_4109 IMG_4096 IMG_4092 Charleen

IMG_4078 IMG_4071Charleen (Pink Hat)
IMG_4069 IMG_4066 IMG_4051 IMG_4050 IMG_4044 IMG_4039 IMG_4029 IMG_4022Cassandra

IMG_4021 IMG_4013 IMG_4012 IMG_4010 IMG_4009Cassandra

IMG_4008 IMG_4005Charleen

IMG_4003 IMG_4000Charleen
IMG_3997 IMG_3996 IMG_3992 IMG_3991Just post delivery

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