Size Update ~ May 24, 2013

Today the sonogram measurements predicted 14 pounds of baby!   Baby A is still measuring larger than Baby B and she is in the “go” position.  Baby B is stuck breech under my ribs since Baby A keeps kicking her to stay up there.  Baby B is still sucking on her umbilical cord.  When I saw my doctor this past Monday, they decided to move the C-section up a week, so the new evacuation deadline is May 29th if they can prove that the lungs are developed.

36.5 weeks twins

This picture was taken May 22nd, 36 weeks 5 days.  This was the first time in days that I actually put on regular clothes and makeup for a special get out of the house trip to the grocery store.  Unfortunately, I took a slip in a puddle in frozen foods and we spent the next 6 hours between the ER and L&D Triage.  It was a terrifying experience having to wait hours to find out if the babies were okay.  Then I stayed up that entire night worried, anxious, and concerned about anything that felt different than before.  It was also very emotional as I managed to bust up my ankle very badly and I was, and still am, devastated that the care for my newborns has been compromised.  I am also very concerned about how I will manage one-legged-ness post c-section.  The last couple of days have been extremely difficult both emotionally and physically.  Hefting your weight to avoid an ankle is difficult for the average person, but weighing 50 pounds more than before makes mobility near impossible.  I still haven’t been able to book an appointment for further examination on my ankle to determine if it is *only* a sprain.  I do not have words to explain how this injury causes so much more additional stress and anxiety when I was already faced with the biggest change of my life.



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