11 Months Old!


Andie has a favorite hat… she likes to put it on with her pajamas after bath time.  She also likes the headband-bow and attempts to jam it on her head until we help her with it.  Both girls love putting anything on their head and laughing at each other.  Charlee frequently attempts to remove whatever is on Andie’s head but Andie only laughs at Charlee.20140407_18325720140424_183328 (1)

Both girls are crawling well.  Charlee keeps trying to stand on her own by straightening her legs and then pushing from her hands.  It sort of looks like yoga pose downward dog.  She has been attempting to stand using any object possible, which is pretty funny when it is her sister or one of us.  The girls frequently pull themselves to standing at the window.  It took until later in the month for Charlee to become quick at pulling herself up like her sister.  Charlee loves waving at anything that moves from her window spot.  Andie usually smacks on the window with her hands or a toy.  She likes noise.

Andie is usually the first one to do a movement, but Charlee is usually the first to perfect it.  Charlee is very measured and accurate in her movements, while Andie is a bit scrappy and fast.  Andie is so fast!  Charlee seems to have better balance and gives the impression that she will walk first, but she is more timid than Andie.  Andie has less balance, but is just throwing herself out there, usually face planting to the floor.  Charlee will hold onto the gate with a pinkie and whine for what seems like forever before she decides to move a foot or sit back down.

20140405_093020 (1)

Andie continues to be what I call, “engineer brained” in that she examines everything… the steps of everything.  She will examine a piece of jewelry or clothing for a very long time.  She spent at least two minutes looking at my pearl earring tonight.  She also likes looking at your teeth.  My mom said that she must think it’s okay since we are always looking at her teeth that she can look at ours.  I say that she is playing dentist.  Andie curerntly has two bottom teeth while Charlee has two bottom teeth and the second top tooth just came through today.  Charlee’s top teeth are huge!  Andie is surprisingly good at the xylophone, but we have to hide it since Charlee keeps gagging herself with the mallet.  The girls have always liked eating their hairbrush, but my mom finally caught Andie actually brushing her hair with it.  She plays the xylophone and brushes her hair left handed.


Overall, Charlee is better with her hands and fingers for picking up food and turning pages.  She will sit with a book and turn its pages for a very long time.  The past week when we have read to them, they will attempt to pull themselves to standing using us for leverage and then they will just stand hands free near us.  It is sort of amazing to watch them balance for increasing amounts of time.  Charlee continues to be the love bug.  She has been having a blast “love attacking” us which entails getting ahold of us, usually by hair, fist of clothing, or ear and pulling her head into our bodies.  Sometimes she actually kisses us, but usually she is just pulling us into her with a crazy tight grip and squealing with delight.

It was practically overnight that the girls refused to be fed by spoon and insist on feeding finger foods and pouches to themselves.  The like to eat cheerios, clementines, chocolate milk, baby waffles, ground turkey, provolone, mozzarella, peas, black beans, and chick peas.  We LOVE yogurt pouches.  Ignore sissy choking in the picture below.


We also LOVE putting food in our hair.  This is a complete curl job done with banana.  We have had a lot of unplanned baths lately.  Andie is the more frequent offender and one night Andy and I just held her under the kitchen faucet to just rinse her head.  The way she got excited about it made us realize that the nanny or a grandmom must do that to her on a regular basis.20140329_124305

We had chocolate cake for the first time for Granddude’s birthday.  Andie liked it, but stayed calm.  Charlee was charging us like a rhino to get more.  We kept sitting her down and feeding it to her, but she’d get up and push me over trying to get more.

IMG_20140412_181742429 IMG_20140412_182159473 IMG_20140412_182154914

Charlee still isn’t too friendly with strangers, but decided that she likes Uncle Ryan and was calling him Momma so now we call him uncle Momma.

On April 12th, I took them out in public by myself for the first time.  It well pretty well aside from some minor craziness at the shoe store.  Charlee was licking the toys and shoes while Andie was eating the shoe stuffing paper.  Charlee was sized at a 5.0 wide and Andie was 4.5wide.  Charlee does have wide feet, but Andie has a  high instep.  Both girls love their new shoes.  Andie was already fascinated with adult shoes, so she loves that she now has her own sparkly shoes.20140413_192735

Charlee is still in size 4 diapers, while Andie is in size 3.  Their growth has slowed down some… we’ve stayed in the same size of clothing for more than a month!  We also still fit in a this laundry basket, but not for long!


They are clapping and move their hands with you when you try to do Patty Cake and moving their fingers if you sing the Itsy Bitsy Spider.  Andie likes these hand songs more than Charlee, but Charlee was attempting to sing along to the ABCs the other day.  Andie and Charlee are finally saying Da-Da.  One night, Andie was giving us a really hard time going to bed, so Andy finally took over the job while I listened to the monitor while washing bottles.  Andie keeps saying “Da-Da” all cute and happy and playful while sitting on his lap in the nursery.  He eventually puts her in her crib where she proceeds to cry out,  “DAAA-DAAAA!”  She then gets quiet for 20 seconds and starts with “MOMMAAAAA!”  She is already playing us.  Andie can say Momma, Dada, Bobba, and an occasional Hi.  Charlee says Momma, Dada, Bobba, an occasional bye bye, and Nom Noms, which is what she calls food.  Both have been talking a lot so we are hoping for some more actual words soon.

In our Easter Baskets we got books, crackers, binkies, crocs, and bath toys.  Everything was a hit!  I let Andie pick out their Easter clothes.  Since November, I have let the girls pick out their pajamas by offering each one to them and at first it was watching their faces to see if one color was more exciting, but for the past few months, they will reach out and select one.  It is funny to see how they have favorite pajamas or favorite colors.  When I took Andie upstairs to her closet on Easter morning, I showed her some outfits, but she got really REALLY excited when she found the blue and green outfit.  Sissy got a coordinating pink and red outfit.


When I bring clothes down for the girls, Andie is always really excited to see what I picked out and prefers blues, greens, teals and purples.  She has been sitting rather patiently when we dress her and seems to like being in pretty clothes.  If there is a stack of clothes, for example, laundry, or hand me downs, or even new clothes, she crawls over and buries herself in the pile and then frantically kicks her feet and throws the clothes around in joy.  She loves clothes.  Charlee has also stolen some of my clothes, but she only digs into them if they have a scent.  Below is a picture of her going around the kitchen with my sweater that smelled of a hair product I was wearing.  20140412_105300


We finally got some professional pictures taken and they turned out great.  The event in total was exhausting, but pretty much everything is lately.  Pictures here!

The girls still love selfies and seeing pictures and videos of themselves.  It is hilarious to hear the varying sounds of laughter watching them watch themselves.20140406_18525720140412_072016

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