13 Months Old!

10502093_10101774256278069_5587842085095719122_n 10372539_10101774256372879_8966667739141844521_n The girls got the book, Where is Baby’s Birthday Cake?  for their birthday and they are obsessed with it.  What does obsessed mean?  They throw the book at us so that we read it and then when we are done, they take it and throw it at us again.  Sometimes they bring it from across the room.  As we turn the pages looking for their birthday cake, the shake their heads with each “no.”  It has gotten to the point where  you only need to start reciting the book and they shake their heads no.  You can even ask the girls anything, but if you say the words birthday cake, then they shake their heads no.  And then you can ask them further other questions, like “Do you know where daddy is?” or “Do you have yogurt on your head?” and they will keep shaking their heads no.

We got other new toys for our birthday. Auntie Hayley got us a tunnel.  Andie went right on in and started hiding toys in there from Charlee… some blocks, a mini computer.  Sometimes we keep the tunnel in a bend and Andie pretends its a cave.  When it’s folded up, she nests inside of it.  Andie likes to nest in anything that she can.  Charlee eventually started crawling into the tunnel and now they crawl around  following each other through the tunnel.  It is very cute.

Neighbor Kate got us a roller coaster.  Andie tried it out without any problems, but Charlee had to be coaxed into it a few times before she loved it too.  Charlee likes to let go, put her hands in the air and ride it like a real roller coaster; however that is dangerous.  Andie is usually our more dangerous child, but Charlee does things dangerous too.  Her activity is usually just done more slowly that Andie so we are able to figure out what she is doing.

Even though we have a lot of new toys from our birthday, Charlee still likes to play with the doll house.

Andie has started with saying “that?” all the time and we have to tell her what she is pointing at.  Sometimes it sounds like she is saying “what’s that?”  To the untrained ear, people still think that she is saying “Dad.”  Both girls are pointing more than talking lately.  They point at what they want, they point at where they want to go.  The also occasionally crawl into our arms and buck around to indicate to us that they want to be taken to another room or place.

Mimi got us the movie, The Sound of Music, so we have been watching that a lot.  We find it VERY captivating.

Father’s Day marked our first time in a big pool!  We were hesitant for a few minutes, but then enjoyed it a lot!  Grandma got out some toys to include some rubber duckies.  While both girls went after the ducks, Andie was very insistent with her yelling DUCK DUCK DUCKKK!10390149_10152924438318858_7614387456759704720_n 10455366_10152924436908858_1418464376062264080_n

We have gotten into Mimi’s pool a few times too.  Andie keeps splashing her face straight into the water.  She is completely fearless.  She also thinks that she can swim.  When you try to hold her, she keeps thrashing around.  It is quite exhausting.  We have also been spending a lot of time in our baby pool that is right outside the kitchen on the deck.  We get in almost every day and splash around.



Charlee’s teeth are coming in at a faster pace than Andie.  Charlee has a fifth tooth starting to come in and Andie finally got 3 and 4.  The girls really like eating yogurt, cheese, popsicles, avocado, and berries.


The girls continue to love phones.  All this month they would have Daddy call Momma at 4:35 as she drove home from work.  Sometimes when Momma is home, they still try to call people so sometimes we call Mimi.

Lastly, both girls are almost fully walking.  They can take about 4-5 steps before losing balance.  If you are lightly holding their hands, they can walk forever.

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