17 Months Old!

Food:  Charlee is a food monster – that girl can put down some serious food.  Both girls LOVE tomatoes, but we’ve had to restrict how many they can have since it is messing up digestion.  Charlee’s favorite foods are probably ice cream and popsicles.  On a regular basis, they are eating a lot of eggs, ham, cheese, beans, yogurt, apple sauce, and lately, cereal.  Andie is more picky, but can kill a huge bowl of macaroni and cheese and loves to chew mindlessly (and walk around endlessly) on bagels.  Both girls know where food is kept so they will point to the counter, cupboard, or freezer where the food they want is kept.  For example, Andie will point to the bananas or raisin bread whereas Charlee will be hanging off the freezer handle or carrying the cereal boxes around the house.  I bought them cereal to serve as a snack or dessert since it really isn’t any nutritionally different than the cookies and crackers we get for them.  Charlee will have a meltdown if you don’t give her the food she sees and wants.  Andie has become more of a snacker.  She won’t eat much at mealtime and then she will want whatever I’m trying to eat later.  The girls drive me crazy when they violently swipe the food off of their high chair trays onto the floor.  I’m like, I get that you don’t want to eat that, but there is no need to shoot it 15 feet across the kitchen!  I am so sick of cleaning up the highchairs and surrounding areas.

Movement:  The girls are officially running!  Andie is almost able to climb up the ladder to the playset.  Both girls carelessly slide down the stairs on their tummies.  Andie is climbing anything and everything and extremely dangerous.  Both girls go “upside down” where they basically do yoga downward dog with their heads on the floor and then you get big smiles if you roll them forward into a somersault. The girls will headlock and wrestle one another which is often cute, but then turns into someone screaming.  If you lay on the floor, both girls will run and attack you.  Charlee is also hug attacking us which involves a headlock and a cheek press into your face so hard that it hurts.  She will also kiss you… often open mouth.

Activities:  The girls have been watching more Mary Poppins and Sound of Music, but still enjoy Frozen.  I have been trying to get the girls into some other shows and movies but Charlee is VERY particular about what she watches.  I feel badly when Andie is into a show and Charlee demands that I change it and then Andie gets all upset and starts doing the sign language for “please” since she wants the show back on.  The girls still enjoy books the most.  You can ask them to point to almost anything in the books and they know what to point to… it is crazy astonishing.  The girls also enjoy their large legos and have been building small things.  We have been playing with Daddy’s old dinosaurs and if you ask the girls what sound a dinosaur makes, the say “roooaaarrrr.’  Adorable!  Andie even picked out a PJ at sams club with a dinosaur on the front.  The girls spend a lot of time in the basement playing with their roller coaster and their house.  They LOVE opening and closing the shutters to do hide n seek.  We also spend a lot of time in the yard.  Charlee will play with a ball or run around with the pinwheel, but Andie will stick her hands in the mulch, eat rocks, or sit in puddles.  Of course we try to have two adults outside at the same time since the girls run in opposite directions and obviously beeline for the street.  We borrowed a small foot powered car from a neighbor and let the girls play with it in the kitchen.  The car was a hit, but the girls frequently hi-jacked one another by forcing the door open, grabbing sissy by the shoulders and pulling her out of the car onto the kitchen floor.  We ended up putting the roller coaster car in the kitchen so that we had two cars at once, but in the end, I think we will need two cars.





andie saying yes with her whole body

charlee saying enthusiastic yeah

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