19 Months Old!

Hi, we are awfully big toddler girls now. Charlee is over 30lbs, almost 35″ tall and is wearing 2T/3T, size 5 diapers, and size 6W shoes. Andie is closer to 23lbs and 33″ and wears 18m/24m, size 4 diapers (although 3’s still fit) and size 5.5 shoes. A typical day involves waking at 630am to 700am, hanging out with daddy until nanny arrives at 830am. Taking a nap from approximately 1130 to 100. Dinner is promptly at 5pm with a night milk promptly at 7pm. I swear the girls can read a clock.

Most people are still confused about us being twins and we get asked if we are twins (in voices of disbelief) almost every single time Momma and Daddy take us out shopping. We turned our car seats around and watch Frozen in the car, so we no longer cause problems getting buckled in. We also have car seats in dad’s car now too (2 seats would only fit if front facing) so we take rides in the prius too. We like to take the prius to the gym where we just joined so that the girls can swim in the kiddie pool. These girls are fish!

Our favorite foods are still eggs, cheese, avocados, blue berries, yogurt, beans, ham, mac and cheese; however we have also been eating pomegranate seeds, oatmeal, soft pretzels, and fish sticks.

Charlee typically plays with toys more than Andie does. Charlee with carry the dolls around and wrap them in blankets and have pretend feasts with the food. Andie is more likely to take stuff out of a drawer or cabinet, play with the buttons on the DVD player, or get into trouble in some form. The girls still really like books and movies. Monsters Inc and Elf have gotten more play time this month than Frozen. Charlee can snore and pretend she is asleep and both girls like to do the scary feet into push ups scene. Charlee is more forceful about her movie preference and herds Momma to the TV to change the DVD. Andie cares less about what she is watching, but Andie has figured out how to turn on the DVD player, open the tray, put in a disk, close the tray and hit play. Often I am trying to start Charlee’s movie, but Andie keeps interfering since she wants to put the disk in the tray repeatedly. We also still like playing with our roller coaster and house in the basement. We also have a play kitchen that is now fully stocked with food and pans.

When we get really wound up, we run laps around the first floor…. with blankets on our heads. We also still like to steal from one another, although Charlee has gotten rather violent with Andie by headlocking her and pulling her to the ground where she then pins her. We also like to hide and run out of the basement drapes. This also gets dangerous sometimes. We have also figured out how to operate the washer and dryer and we clap once we get it going. Momma is able to Child Lock the cycle if she starts one; however if the machines are off and empty, we still like to start them up with nothing in them.

We are learning new words every day. Charlee is much more of a talker than Andie, but it’s more of a choice than a ability thing. Andie knows a lot of the same words as Charlee but you might her Andie say it once a week whereas Charlee is saying it multiple times a day. Andie has the cutest “meow” if you ask her what sound a cat makes. Charlee has the cutest “no,” since she says almost everything with a question inflection.

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