Size Update ~ May 24, 2013

Today the sonogram measurements predicted 14 pounds of baby!   Baby A is still measuring larger than Baby B and she is in the “go” position.  Baby B is stuck breech under my ribs since Baby A keeps kicking her to stay up there.  Baby B is still sucking on her umbilical cord.  When I saw my doctor this past Monday, they decided to move the C-section up a week, so the new evacuation deadline is May 29th if they can prove that the lungs are developed.

36.5 weeks twins

This picture was taken May 22nd, 36 weeks 5 days.  This was the first time in days that I actually put on regular clothes and makeup for a special get out of the house trip to the grocery store.  Unfortunately, I took a slip in a puddle in frozen foods and we spent the next 6 hours between the ER and L&D Triage.  It was a terrifying experience having to wait hours to find out if the babies were okay.   Continue reading