One Month Old!

Charleen is a very good eater and seems to grow before our eyes.  Her hair is dark brown, her eyes are a strong blue and she has a tanner complexion.  She looks a lot like daddy.  From day one, we’ve had a hard time getting newborn clothes to fit her because of her large head and she already moved into size 1 diapers a week ago.  Charlee seems to be very sensitive and has a difficult time calming herself down; however she finds peace when near the loud dehumidifier or when carried around in the sling.  While the first 2-3 weeks were mostly focused on eating and sleeping, she has become more alert this past week and just stares at us with her big blue eyes… that is if she isn’t wailing over having the hiccups or other unknown discomfort.  This past week, we have noticed that she also loves to be in front of a the fan, or under the hair dryer after her bath.  She just smiles as her hair blows back.  We have been calling her “the biggest baby” because she is quite large and also because she acts like a baby – sensitive and needy.

Charleen at 1 Month

Charleen at 1 Month


Andie at 1 Month

Andie at 1 Month

Cassandra is our “little baby.”  At her two-week appointment she had gained just as much weight as her sister, but she seems to only get longer instead of wider.  She is very svelte.  We also call Andie “little bird” since her cries and other noises sound like a bird, and she looks very bird-like when she is rooting for more food.  From day one, Andie has had a good number of hours per day spent as awake-alert… she just looks around at everything and everyone and will adjust her facial expressions as stimulus changes.  You really feel like she knows what you are saying to her and we spend countless hours carrying her around and talking to her.  For the first two weeks, Andie’s eyes were muddy; however lately they seem to be turning blue.  Only time will tell what her final eye color will be.  In comparison to Charlee, Andie has fairer skin and slightly lighter hair.  She looks more like Mommy.  Andie really only gets fussy for a good reason, either she is hungry or needs a changing etc., but you won’t hear crying, you will hear these loud bird cries as she voices for you to help her.

What was it like to be a parent of twins during the first month?  Sigh… a nightmare.  Whoever said “sleep when the baby sleeps” did not have twins.  Whoever said “newborns are actually quite portable” did not have twins.  Throughout the month, the girls were completely unpredictable with their schedules so we were usually feeding someone every 1 to 2 hours around the clock.  One day during week two, I recorded that I nursed 14 times.  A few other nights, I recorded that in the period from putting them down at 10p until they woke up at 5a, there was only a block of 90min, and two blocks of 30 minutes that both babies were asleep.  Some people say to wake up the second baby and feed them at the same time… yes, but who really wants to hold two bottles and then listen to screaming as you take turns with the burping?  Additionally, even when I fed the babies at the same time, Charlee would take down 6oz and sleep for 3-4 hours, while Andie would only take down 3oz and only sleep for 2 hours.  Sometimes a baby would fall asleep right after she ate and sometimes she would stay up for another 90 minutes.  Usually if one chose to stay up and/or be fussy, by the time I got her down, the other would be awake for her regular feeding.  Portability?  The closest we got to that was that I took Charlee around the neighborhood twice in a front carrier.  The girls only left the house for their doctors appointments and both Andrew and I went.  We have yet to try venturing out as one adult with both girls for a walk or even one adult with one baby on an errand.  Every time that I thought I was getting close to having a long enough break to take one baby somewhere, the other baby would wake up and need to be fed.  It was so rare that both were soundly asleep, that we chose not to wake them up to stuff them in a carrier or carseat.  Andrew and I are REALLY looking forward to the girls sleeping through the night and getting on the same schedule!



Sissy eats and I look around.

Sissy eats and I look around.

See... she is oblivious
See… she is oblivious

Something happened

She shoved me when they took her bottle away! 
So we shove each other even though we don't actually know that we have arms yet.

So I shove back and expertly block her arms even though I’m not really even sure that I have arms at 1 month old.

The final move from Ninja Charlee!

And then a final blow from ninja sissy




Size Update ~ 2 week check-up

Charleen is weighing in at 7 pounds and 4 ounces and Cassandra is weighing in at 6 pounds even!  Woo!  They are ahead of the suggested gain of 1 ounce per day.  The percentiles are low, but you have to remember that they were born at 37.5 weeks, so at two weeks, they really should be compared to newborns.


Weight – 7lbs, 4 oz = 34%
Head Circumference – 37cm = 73%


Weight – 6lbs = not provided
Head Circumference – 34.5cm = 15%

First Night Home

Uncle Ryan and Aunt Courtney helped us come home.  They took this great picture.

car ride home

If there is one thing drilled into new parents these days, it is the guidance that newborns must sleep on their backs.  Andy and I placed Andie and Charlee into a crib last night and within minutes they had flipped toward each other in mirrored positions.  We were shocked.

1st night

As new parents of twins, many nurses at the hospital commented about how calm we were.  Well, the calmness wore off quickly upon walking in our front door as we instantly felt as if we had no idea what we were doing.   Continue reading

Hospital Stay

IMG_4349 IMG_4345 IMG_4341 IMG_4334 IMG_4332 IMG_4331 IMG_4323 IMG_4319 IMG_4317 IMG_4303 IMG_4296 IMG_4290 IMG_4289 IMG_4288Left – Charleen     Right – Cassandra
IMG_4280 IMG_4279 IMG_4275 IMG_4274 IMG_4253 IMG_4249Cassandra
IMG_4245 IMG_4241 IMG_4225 IMG_4223 IMG_4218 IMG_4213 IMG_4210 IMG_4180 IMG_4176 IMG_4173Cassandra

IMG_4161 IMG_4158 IMG_4156Top – Charleen    Bottom – Cassandra
IMG_4153 IMG_4149Cassandra
IMG_4146 IMG_4136Above – Cassandra – Small head
IMG_4131Above – Charleen – NOT a small head 🙂
IMG_4129 IMG_4123 IMG_4121 IMG_4118 IMG_4112 IMG_4109 IMG_4096 IMG_4092 Charleen

IMG_4078 IMG_4071Charleen (Pink Hat)
IMG_4069 IMG_4066 IMG_4051 IMG_4050 IMG_4044 IMG_4039 IMG_4029 IMG_4022Cassandra

IMG_4021 IMG_4013 IMG_4012 IMG_4010 IMG_4009Cassandra

IMG_4008 IMG_4005Charleen

IMG_4003 IMG_4000Charleen
IMG_3997 IMG_3996 IMG_3992 IMG_3991Just post delivery