Two Months Old


Charlee- “Mom, this dress is very tiny and uncomfortable.”
Andie- “I’ll let you take 2 more pictures of me in this boring dress before I demand you change me into my space suit.”

Around week 6, Andrew and I were able to pull the girls to the same feeding schedule which made things a lot easier since they eat 7 times a day. Throughout the month, Charlee ate about 6 ounces per feeding and Andie ate between 3 and 5 ounces. Even though the girls are eating at the same time, they do not necessarily nap at the same time, so there is still little free time for us to get much done. We have tried to get longer stretches of sleep at night and there were a couple nights where we got 5 hours; however most nights the girls still want to eat every 3-4 hours.

Andie started to smile about halfway through the month and we saw a couple brief smiles from Charlee more recently. Andie remains very inquisitive and loves to stand on her legs, which we call “dancing.” When Andie gets tired and fussy, we swaddle her tightly and give her a pacifier. She can be laid down when she isn’t fully asleep yet. On the other hand, we seem to hold onto Charlee more frequently since she continues to be very sensitive. She has been put on different formula to ease digestive discomforts and she routinely goes through an inconsolable period each evening. We finally figured out that she likes a pacifier, but is unable to keep it in her mouth so she spends a lot of time with her face squished into our chests. While in this position, she spreads her arms wide and tightly hugs us, sometimes even clasping pieces of our shirts in her hands. I made the joke that in a year from now, Charlee will be begging us to carry her around constantly while Andie runs into the street. Both girls like to spend time in the swing and enjoy an evening walk in the front carriers.