Eye Color and Hair Whorls

Andie’s current eye color is mostly a dark gray-blue, but there is a little green coming in near the pupil.  From a distance, they just look dark, but up close, they are pretty neat looking.


IMG_47602IMG_4770 IMG_4770Notice that Andie has a hair whorl in the front on the leftish side of her forehead.  I’ve never seen a front hair whorl!


Charlie has a double hair whorl in the back of her head.  This is also called “double crown.”  From the front, Charlee has the same haircut as Daddy!


3 Months

IMG_4792 IMG_4809 IMG_4818 IMG_4829 IMG_4847 IMG_4782

Month 3 started out with adverse reactions to the vaccinations so the girls got their first doses of tylenol.  Charlee’s colic peaked around week 10 with an inconsolable period lasting 90 minutes.  Daddy would take her into the basement and wear ear protection since she is LOUD.  We employed all of the tips of The Happiest Baby on the Block and it helped, but did not eliminate her fits.  Thankfully her routine evening upset starting diminishing toward the end of the month, and with a change to soy formula, Charlee finally starting showing a personality other than fussy.  Charlee, like Andie, is now smiling on a regular basis.  Charlee has emerged as our love bug.


Andie continues to “yap” a lot.  This girl does not cry, she either talks or complains.  We can get her to smile by smiling ourselves or ‘beeping at her’ which basically is a combination of poking her while saying beep beep.


First trip out of the house:  I took Andie on a solo trip to pick up breakfast from Towson Hot Bagel and I took both girls to a nearby park where we met up with Lauren, her mom, and son Grayson.


To my surprise, both girls cry when the swing’s mobile stops spinning and stop crying once we start it up again.  I thought mobiles were so dumb, but they work.  They have also been grasping at the toys hanging above their bassinet and bouncy chairs.  We are still working on tummy time since we haven’t had any rolling over yet.


We have fallen into a pattern of eating every 3 to 3.5 hours with a last feeding at approximately 730pm, which gets them to sleep by 9pm.  Most nights they require feedings at about 130a and 530a.  Having two feedings before 6am is killing us.  During the day, the girls do not take good morning naps, but they take longer afternoon naps; however it is still unlikely that the naps overlap.  The nanny and MiMi usually take them for a stroll around the neighborhood in the middle of the day.  Andie often looks around and Charlie often cries.  In the evenings, they get walked around in the front carriers and usually fall asleep instantly.  The carrier is a good go-to item and mommy has walked countless laps around the house with Charlee in the carrier and Andie on her hip as we sing The Ants Go Marching…