4 Months Old!

IMG_4915_2 IMG_4918 IMG_4925 IMG_4926What happened during Month 4?

Charlee:  On September 4th, Charlee said “momma.”  She does not talk a lot, but when she does, it is clear and purposeful.  Charlee really likes it when Mommy sings “The ants go marching…” as she marches Charlee’s legs.  Charlee started to chime in at regular intervals (but not at the right time) with “hrooo,” which is her attempt to say “hooray.”  Charlee had to start a regimen of prune juice, which she thought was the most delicious thing ever.  She also has graduated from being swaddled to holding the swaddle blanket by her face or balling it up to her chest.  She is definitely going to be a girl with a blankie habit.  Charlee is very good at grasping her toys, but still dislikes tummy time and the stroller.  Charlee slept through the night a few times, but is usually woken up by Andie.  She insists on being carried everywhere and still really likes the front carrier.  Charlee is extremely sensitive and has taken an interest in Andie’s feelings.  At the doctor’s office for their 4-month appointment, Charlee weighed a whopping 17lbs, 4oz, placing her in the 99th percentile!  Charlee got her shots first and was whaling, but once she heard how upset Andie was, she stopped crying and looked at Andie with immense concern.  She is a sweet heart.  Unfortunately, Charlee still has many bouts of fussiness for what appears to be no reason, although her crying has taken on a new sound as she now adds “ma (gasp) ma (gasp), mommmaaaaa!!!” as she cries.

Andie:  Andie continues to be a very sillie baby.  She continues to make very funny faces and has very funny babble conversations.  Andie is very active, but still has not been able to roll over yet.  She enjoys playing on the floor, grasping and eating her toys, and putting her hands in her mouth.  When her hands are not in her mouth, they might be simply clasped together at her chest.  She also twists and clasps her feet like little hands.  She has been soaking her shirts in drool on a regular basis and is very close to sucking on her thumb.  Andie is a very agreeable baby and only gets upset when she is hungry; however when she is hungry, she turns into “crazy baby” which involves a lot of kicky feet and loud yelling.  Andie’s eye color is still changing; there is some brown coming in near the pupil, but most of the iris remains a dark gray-blue.  Andie has definitely lost some hair, especially in the ring around that hits the crib.   Andie has enjoyed Daddy reading to her at night and has quickly realized and expects the routine.  Unfortunately, Andie still wants to eat at night.  We went a couple of weeks where she only woke at ~230a, but then she went a week where she wanted to eat at 11p, 230a, and then both girls are usually wake at 630a.  At the doctor’s office, Andie weighed in at 14lbs, 6oz, so the doctor told us to stop feeding her at night and that after a few loud nights, she will be accustomed to eating during the day.

Both girls love to have their feet massaged, either with lotion or during the bath.  They also have been enjoying some TV, usually Peppa the Pig from 5-6pm so we can attempt to eat dinner.  The girls still require two adults after 5pm and we follow the same routine of feeding ~4p, a walk, a little play-time, a bath, and then another feeding ~7p.  The girls have started to choose their own night schedule as they seem to demand to eat at 7p no matter when their previous feeding was, and they get very cranky and tired as they approach 730p.  It’s like they know that 730p is their bedtime.  It used to take a good hour and a half to get them into bed, but that time is decreasing.  On some nights, they are both asleep by 815pm.  We are preparing fourteen 6oz bottles a day, so we are spending a small fortune on formula.  Charlee continues to eat more than Andie on a regular basis, although she is not far behind.  Andie moved into size 2 diapers, although I’m not sure how much longer Charlee will be able to wear size 2.  Andie can still fit in some size 3m clothing, but Charlee needs size 6m.

MiMi spends the night!

MiMi watched the girls overnight so we could get away for my 30th birthday.  Things that I LOVE about this picture:

  • Girls are clearly watching late night television and it’s almost like they know they shouldn’t be.
  • Charlee’s hand in Andie’s lap
  • The fact that they are touching and not crying
  • Their different head sizes
  • Andie’s big tummy that she only gets after a big feeding
  • Andie’s expression that is more of a whoaaaa whoa.  Charlee’s expression that is more of a scared whoa.  They might have been watching Indiana Jones.