5 Months Old!


Geez, this month went fast!  It seems that it was only 2 weeks after I pulled out the 6mos sized clothing that I had to pull out the 9mos sized clothing!  These girls are growing unbelievably fast!IMG_5047

Charlee:  Sensitive, love bug, biggie baby.  One day early in the month, Andrew says, “I think Charlee is the most sensitive person I know.”  This seemed like a ridiculous statement to make about a 4 month old, but I quickly realized that he was right and it melted my heart a little bit.   Since then, I have told people “my husband and I each have an outgoing side and a sensitive side.  It looks as though Charlee got all the sensitive and Andie got all the outgoing.”  What are others saying about Charlee?  Everyone can’t help but notice her very bright blue eyes and her very exaggerated pout.  She is also very good at grabbing things and is completely enthralled by any print media and has been helping turn pages during bedtime story time.  My aunt said that Charlee is like a lap cat; she just wants to sit there and be held and talked to.  We do carry Charlee around more than Andie and she usually wraps her arm around to embrace back.  Charlee has been showing lots of signs that she wants to touch her sister so I keep trying to put her within reach of Andie.  Sometimes she just hugs around Andie and lets out a sigh.  You don’t necessary realize how much she likes loving on her sister until you take Andie away and Charlee’s expression turns to one of devastation.  Charlee has finally mastered using her pacifier and when she is tired, you can give her both a pacifier and a blankie and she can fall asleep.  If she is upset, her breathing will start to slow or she will sigh once she has acquired these items.  Charlee has been talking more, but it is still purposeful conversation.  Toward the end of the month, she figured out how to squeal, which took us by surprise, as well as how much she enjoys the Jumper.  She is very good at jumping and it is the most excited that you will see her!


Andie:  BirdCat, crazy baby, scout.  Andie continues to be a very silly baby and a flirt.  She has a sparkle in her eye and she knows what she is doing.  Sometimes when you are feeding her, she will pull back so the bottle comes out of her mouth and she will smile ear to ear.  Then, as you are all stupid happy and smiling back she will spit out an entire mouth of formula.  What do you notice about Andie?  Her ridiculously wide grin, her very fast kicky legs, her long eyelashes, and her desire to look at things.  Andie is more active than Charlee; she is much closer to rolling over and she frequently wants to move around and stand.  When she watches Sesame Street, she gets her legs going so fast that her bouncy seat is close to flinging her out of it.  Andie has always been very vocal and that has not changed.  She does not form as many faux words as Charlee, but she yells and laughs.  It seems like every day she picks a different toy to be ‘mad at’ which is my description of her behavior of grabbing the hanging toy with her hands and feet and pulling on it as she yells very loudly at it.

The girls got their first tastes of food:  rice cereal, sweet potatoes, apple sauce and bananas.  Nothing went over well in the beginning, but the sweet potatoes and bananas have become a hit.  The first time that I gave the girls apple sauce and bananas they acted in such disgust… complete gag reflex.  I was a little disheartened as I thought that I was giving them a special treat and they were acting like I was feeding them the most disgusting thing ever.

Both girls have lost most of their hair.  Andie lost hers first and it is starting to come back in, but Charlee is nearly bald right now.  Since everything happens so gradually, I am amazed to see how much hair she used to have in old pictures.

The girls are still not sleeping through the night.  I was furloughed for a week so we tried to train them to fall back asleep without food.  It was a complete failure.  After being awake for 2-3 hours with each of them, we’d cave and give them 2oz (they usually eat 6oz).  They wouldn’t stay asleep for long with only 2oz so we were basically up the entire night for about 5 nights in a row.  Once I was called back to work we decided to just go back to feeding them since we need to sleep.  A good night is when we only get up once for each girl and we do it back to back.  This usually involves one of us feeding them back to back and takes about 60-90 minutes.  A bad night is when we get up 3 times each per girl and they don’t go back to sleep easily.  We still only feed them once, but the comforting the other two times can take a while.  Most nights involve getting up twice for Andie, once for Charlee and then up early with Charlee.  Andy and I are so sleep deprived!!!

IMG_5113 IMG_5110 IMG_5109 IMG_5094 IMG_5085 IMG_5084 IMG_5081 IMG_5082 IMG_5074 IMG_5071
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Saturday Fun

Head comparison!  We frequently talk about how one baby is big headed and the other is small headed.  The girls are just about the same height, but they have different builds.  And, Andie’s hair has really started to fall out!
IMG_4977 IMG_4973 IMG_4972 IMG_4961Charlee likes to do selfies!IMG_4958 IMG_4957 IMG_4955Andie was very interested in Daddy’s beard.IMG_4945IMG_4933