7 Months Old!



We feel like we have finally turned a corner after the 6 month mark!  We are still pretty exhausted since the girls are not regularly sleeping through the night and they still like to take turns napping during the day, but they are comfortable in their schedule and they can play on their own or watch Sesame Street to give us a small break here and there. Continue reading







the girls BOTH wanted to play with this toy at the same time, but the TV is also distracting.  When Charlee’s arm came up on Andie, I died.

So we admit, we let the girls tear up about one magazine a week since it keeps them occupied for 20 minutes.IMAG0601



6 Month Check-up

Another Big Baby Alert!!  Charlee was 98th percentile for weight and Andie was 68th.  Charlee has been fitting into 12-18 Mos clothing while Andie wears 9-12 Mos.  The girls got a ton of shots today and both were referred to an Orthopedist for Torticollis, which is a fancy word for turtle neck, e.g. their necks are not as flexible as they should be which results in sleeping in the same position repeatedly which causes uneven heads.  We started at home exercises with Andie at 4 months and he movement evened out, but her head is still mis-shaped.  Charlee has slightly reduced movement whereby it looks like her head is too heavy for her to move around easily.

IMAG0647 IMAG0617IMAG0615 IMAG0614