8 Months Old!

Movement:  On New Year’s Eve Andie figured out how to move in the walker really well.  She was running the length of the kitchen, turning around and running back, all while waving her arms and yelling.  It was absolutely hilarious!  Charlee figured it out a couple weeks later and now both girls do regular laps in the kitchen.  Andie likes to charge into Charlee at full-speed.  Charlee typically follows you around until you pick her up ,or hangs out in a corner with her puffs or sippy cup.  Andie is more mischievous – attempting to open the trash can, cabinets, making faces at her reflection in the refrigerator, etc.  We usually put the girls in the walkers after they eat breakfast or dinner so that we have a chance to eat… which is actually us quickly eating over the counter and hopping from foot to foot as the girls run over our feet.  Andie is not quite crawling, but gets distance on the floor.  She hasn’t quite figured out to pick up her tummy.  Toward the end of the month she started doing flips in the changing table which has made for a few exciting times.  Charlee still dislikes being on her tummy so she has gone after toys by making very long stretches or scooting her bottom.  I actually think she might crawl first since she gets her hands on the floor with her knees and refuses to drop her tummy.  Both girls are becoming difficult to hold as they throw themselves in different directions or attempt to flip around in your arms.

Eating:  The girls take a 6-7oz bottle around 6am, a food breakfast at ~9am, a 4oz bottle ~11am, a food lunch at 12p-1p, another small bottle ~330p, food dinner at 5pm, and another 6oz bottle at 615p.  Yes, it does feel like you are just feeding them all day.  We are going through the equivalent of about 12 (3.5 oz) containers of food a day.  I say equivalent since we usually feed them homemade bananas, squash, sweet potatoes, as well as green beans, broccoli, beets, and spinach.  Mimi has been making and delivering most of the food.  So far, the girls have eaten and enjoyed everything!  We are buying food by the case and I still feel like we are constantly running out…. however we are no longer going through formula like crazy.  We were spending almost $300 a month in formula and now that we’ve switched to food at $1.00-$1.25 a container, we are still spending that much.  Charlee wants to eat EVERYTHING that I eat.  So far I have given her eggs, peanut butter, a slice of apple to suck on, and she really likes my black tea.  She will attempt to grab any food or drink out of your hands if she is close and she will follow you around in her walker, eyeing up your food, and saying “nom-noms!”

Sleeping:  The girls have dropped to two naps a day.  The first nap starts anywhere from 730a-9a and lasts anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours.  The afternoon nap is usually ~1-3p.  Sometimes (okay rarely) the girls will both take 2 2-hour long naps, sometimes they only take 2 45-minute naps.  Usually its a mix of that and you end up with about a 45-minute long break of no babies.  In the evening the girls have moved up their bedtime to about 630pm and they get up at 530am every day.  Andie is still waking up around midnight every night for a 2 ounce feeding and diaper change.  Sometimes she wakes Charlee up, sometimes she doesn’t.  Starting in late November or early December, Andie starting sleeping on her belly and I think that made a huge difference.  During the 2nd and 3rd weeks of January, the girls both had colds and woke up more often since they were all snotty faced. We have also put them in Pampers Baby Dry size 4 diapers at night and I will say that the girls sleep better/longer in them.  Both girls still require pacifiers and their face blankies to go to bed.  Charlee likes to rub the silky edge of the blankie and put it over her face.   Andie has been sucking on the blankie until it is soaked and then sleeps on top of it.  When we were getting her up from naps when she was sick, she had this schmooshed, warm, snottie face that smelled of stinkie binkie.   [ew gross and somehow adorable].   In total, I think we have had somewhere around 7 nights where both girls slept through and didn’t disturb us.  Yes, I just said that I have only gotten solid sleep 7 times in the past year…  and actually it is less because a few of those times, I still woke up for unknown reasons.  I will say that I *think* we are finally starting to catch up on sleep and the fog is lifting.

Talking:  Charlee has been saying “momma” since September and Andie started with “momma” in November.  If I’m late coming home, I arrive to a chorus of “mmm, mmm, momma, momma!”  If I’m lying in bed at night and hear them wake up, I sometimes attempt to ignore them… and I can… until I hear “mommmmaaaa” and then I know it is serious.  One morning in December, after Andie had slept through the night, she was starving and acting fussy and then said, “mommmaaa baaa baaaa!”  I was impressed.  [ba-ba is what I taught them for bottle]  Charlee has always made a lot of “nom-nom” sounds during eating so the nanny has taught her than nom-nom is food and Charlee will get fussy and start calling out “nom-noms.”  We have heard “da-da” on a couple of random occasions, but not regularly.  Andy has been calling me on my way home from work to talk with the girls.  Sometimes they have very elaborate baby-talk conversations with me where it is clear they are trying to say something… it just isn’t quite there yet.  Just this morning Charlee tracked me to the front door in her walker with the puppy dog eyes, pick me up arms, and mommas.  Ugh, it was so hard to leave.

Personality:  Andie continues to be the crazy baby while Charlee is the love bug.  I came home one day and the nanny said that she had the girls facing each other… Andie kept yell-screaming at Charlee until she cried and then Andie laughed at her.  Andie will just yell randomly and she laughs a lot.  It is fun to tickle her to get a good belly laugh and shrieks.  Andie is more likely to throw or bash toys, charge her walker into the cabinets, and all out throw herself at things.  Charlee is much quieter… plays gently with her toys, pets the blankets or plush animals, moves less or more slowly and is ultimately less rambunctious.  Charlee is quick to get scared or cry and wants to be held more frequently.  Charlee gets really upset if she thinks that I’m leaving and she clings to me when I come home.  It is really rewarding to get a good belly laugh out of Charlee since it is difficult to do.

Size Update

Today at the doctor’s office, Charlee weighed 23 lbs and was 28 inches tall.  Andie was 18lbs and 27.5 inches tall.  Charlee is in 18 month clothing and Andie is in 12 month clothing.  They are eating a ridiculous amount of food.