14 Months Old!


We are officially walking everywhere we go!  (Unless we are pathetically tired and then we just sit on the floor and cry and point at stuff.)  We still lose our balance sometimes and usually walk with our hands up in the air, but we make for good entertainment as we simulataneously wander the kitchen in loops and circles like zombies… ZOMBABIES!

Charlee’s piggie snortsies have graduated into piggie kisses and Andie does them too!  What is a piggie kiss?  It’s a snortsie with contact.  Occasionally, I get get Charlee to kiss me on the cheek or tell her to kiss her sister and she’ll at least make an effort to bob her face on Andie, but I can’t get Andie to kiss anything on demand.  She is only a spontaneously piggie kisser, usually into her blanket.  I’ve been trying to teach the girls about hugging.  Both girls can blow kisses and they will do it if you ask.  If you are leaving our house, we try to get them to wave bye and blow kisses.

This month, Momma had ankle surgery and spent a lot of time in bed.  The girls would make visits and play peek-a-boo around the corner.  They thought this was hilarious.  Charlee even got the point of trying to do peek-a-boo without hiding behind anything, she would just sort of quickly lean to one side and let out a smile as if there was a wall there.

The girls are OBSESSED with technology.  They love to play with cell phones.  They frequently call Momma on her way home.  They don’t say much and Charlee still waves for hello and bye bye since she doesn’t understand that I can’t see her through the phone.  Andie likes repeatedly pressing the main menu button on my phone since it will start beeping and open voice commands.  When she gets the phone of Andy, my mom or sister, she attempts to hit the same button, but the phones are different and she gets frustrated that she doens’t get the same result.  We have also been occupying the girls on the phones and computers by googling pictures of kittens, dogs, laughing babies, etc.  Andie likes gray stripey cats the best and Charlee likes light colored dogs.  If they see us on the lap top or with our phone, they will sit themselves in our laps and demand for us to do something.  “Charlee, what do you want to look at?”  She replies “Dogggssss”

The girls are OBSESSED with the movies Frozen and The Sound of Music; however over the course of the month, they have dictated that they prefer the songs and no plot.  They frequently bring the remote (okay throw the remote) to us so that we hit the skip button in order to get it to the next song.  Sometimes they dance or bop along and recently we’ve heard what sounds like singing.20140727_145234 20140724_180816 20140719_130638 20140719_113727 20140708_164252 20140703_182737

We don’t have many new words this month, but that is okay since energy for learning has gone to walking.  Andie now says “bath.”  “Andie, do you want a bath?”  She lights up and says, “BATH, BATH, BATH!”  The TH sound isn’t perfect yet, more of a T then an H, but she is close.  Charlee still forms her mouth into saying “bath” but doens’t actually say the word, more of a “Ba, ba, ba”  She has been doing this “practice” for a while.

Andie is still wearing 12m to 18m clothing, while Charlee is 18m to 24m/2T.  Andie is still in Size 3 diapers and Charlee is in Size 4, but I think both girls will be upsized soon.  Andie’s hair is getting long and it is usually messy, but it isn’t long enough for a ponytail yet.  Charlee’s hair has gotten REALLY curly so she doens’t have the messy look that Andie has.  Andie seems to tan really easily like her father and Charlee seems to have Momma’s skin.  Charlee has 5 or 6 freckles and Andie only has 1.  The girls are so different in everything that they do.  Andie is a mini Momma and Charlee is a mini Dad.  Andie is mostly likely to sleep on her stomach and tightly pulled together, while Charlee sleeps on her side or back all sprawled out.  We’ve started brushing our teeth regularly and the girls LOVE it… I guess that is a good thing.20140728_185336 20140707_17293820140723_210135 20140723_210149