15 Months Old!

Frozen, Head Bumps, Caesar Salads, Popsicles, Walking, and Making Messes

The girls continue to be obsessed with the movie frozen.  Andy and I almost have the entire thing memorized.  Occasionally, we put on The Sound of Music, but typically Charlee throws the remote at us and is fussing until we say, “Do you want to watch Frozen?” and she breaks into the biggest smile ever.  Andie doesn’t seem to care as much about putting Frozen on, but she watches it just as much.

A typical night is Momma coming home between 430 and 500.  The girls eat dinner at 5pm every night, if not earlier.  They are still eating a lot of chicken, avocado, beans, chicken noodle soup, sweet potatoes and fruit.  If the girls eat quickly, we try to feed them cookies so they sit in their chairs longer so that we can eat dinner.  After dinner we usually go straight to Frozen or bath time.  The girls still LOVE bath time.  We try to keep them occupied until 7pm when we serve bottles, and then it’s teeth brushing and in bed at 730pm.  Usually once a week, we take the girls to Whole Foods or run another errand.  Andy taught the girls to tap watermelons so now we have to tap every watermelon that we see.  We have given a lot of laughs to other shoppers.  The girls are usually excellent at the store.

Even though the girls eat a big dinner and put up their arms to signal “all done” at the end, and still eat cookies or whatever else Momma tries to occupy them with, they still come after whatever Momma tries to eat.  This month, Momma frequently tried to eat her grilled caesar salad on the couch (while watching Frozen of course) and both girls needed to eat it too.  I don’t know why I bother making them toddler food when they LOVE caesar dressing and parmesan cheese.  They also want whatever Momma is drinking so she just started giving them their own tervis tumblers.  Many months ago, Andie wanted the red wine so Momma gave her a sip since she didn’t think Andie would like it, but she did.  Andie loves red wine and Charlee loves black tea.  These girls are strange.

The girls are walking very fast, if not running.  The only problem is that the faster they go, the more unsteady they become and next thing you know they launch themselves into the cabinets or pavement or whatever.  We have had more injuries this month than ever.  Daddy treats injuries with popsicles.  We have gone through a ton of popsicles.  Charlee is good at taking big bites, but Andie seems to have sensitive teeth and gets upset if she gets too big of a bite.

The girls are also obsessed with brushing their teeth.  They also love these banana teether-brushes which are silly to watch.

The girls have made a ton of messes this month.  I have not seen them play with their toys at all.  They would rather pull every tissue out of the tissue box, unroll the toilet paper, pull out and open all of the dvds, dump the box of straws, pull out any contents of cabinets and drawers, sit in empty amazon boxes, etc.