19 Months Old!

Hi, we are awfully big toddler girls now. Charlee is over 30lbs, almost 35″ tall and is wearing 2T/3T, size 5 diapers, and size 6W shoes. Andie is closer to 23lbs and 33″ and wears 18m/24m, size 4 diapers (although 3’s still fit) and size 5.5 shoes. A typical day involves waking at 630am to 700am, hanging out with daddy until nanny arrives at 830am. Taking a nap from approximately 1130 to 100. Dinner is promptly at 5pm with a night milk promptly at 7pm. I swear the girls can read a clock.

Most people are still confused about us being twins and we get asked if we are twins (in voices of disbelief) almost every single time Momma and Daddy take us out shopping. We turned our car seats around and watch Frozen in the car, so we no longer cause problems getting buckled in. We also have car seats in dad’s car now too (2 seats would only fit if front facing) so we take rides in the prius too. We like to take the prius to the gym where we just joined so that the girls can swim in the kiddie pool. These girls are fish!

Our favorite foods are still eggs, cheese, avocados, blue berries, yogurt, beans, ham, mac and cheese; however we have also been eating pomegranate seeds, oatmeal, soft pretzels, and fish sticks.

Charlee typically plays with toys more than Andie does. Charlee with carry the dolls around and wrap them in blankets and have pretend feasts with the food. Andie is more likely to take stuff out of a drawer or cabinet, play with the buttons on the DVD player, or get into trouble in some form. The girls still really like books and movies. Monsters Inc and Elf have gotten more play time this month than Frozen. Charlee can snore and pretend she is asleep and both girls like to do the scary feet into push ups scene. Charlee is more forceful about her movie preference and herds Momma to the TV to change the DVD. Andie cares less about what she is watching, but Andie has figured out how to turn on the DVD player, open the tray, put in a disk, close the tray and hit play. Often I am trying to start Charlee’s movie, but Andie keeps interfering since she wants to put the disk in the tray repeatedly. We also still like playing with our roller coaster and house in the basement. We also have a play kitchen that is now fully stocked with food and pans.

When we get really wound up, we run laps around the first floor…. with blankets on our heads. We also still like to steal from one another, although Charlee has gotten rather violent with Andie by headlocking her and pulling her to the ground where she then pins her. We also like to hide and run out of the basement drapes. This also gets dangerous sometimes. We have also figured out how to operate the washer and dryer and we clap once we get it going. Momma is able to Child Lock the cycle if she starts one; however if the machines are off and empty, we still like to start them up with nothing in them.

We are learning new words every day. Charlee is much more of a talker than Andie, but it’s more of a choice than a ability thing. Andie knows a lot of the same words as Charlee but you might her Andie say it once a week whereas Charlee is saying it multiple times a day. Andie has the cutest “meow” if you ask her what sound a cat makes. Charlee has the cutest “no,” since she says almost everything with a question inflection.

Christmas 2014

On Christmas Eve, Momma hosted the McGrath family at 1pm. Aunt Lisa gave us a pair of mailboxes that we love! Aunt Charleen got us a picnic basket toy and a couple of cute purses. MomMom got us pj sets and frozen shirts. MiMi got us a table and chairs that is just our size and Hayley got us some food to play with. We were pros at opening presents since MiMi warmed us up with a gift advent where we were able to open a small gift everyday for the month of december. During the party, We mostly played with our new mailbox and the food. Charlee would clap and yell YAYyyyy after depositing a piece of mail and later that night (when she decided to stay away from 8pm to 11pm) she was pretending quite the feast, saying YUMMMmmm after pretending to drink milk and eat blueberries, “bu bu buuu” Andie had no problem falling asleep Christmas Eve night since she refused to take her daytime nap, which was tricky for Momma to put the final touches on the feast.

Charlee ended up sleeping in our bed (which made it quite challenging for Santa to come on time) so we were up at about 630am. Santa brought us a pair of cars, coloring supplies, snow outfits, the Klip Klop palace, a doctor kit, a tool kit, doll accessories such as a stroller, high chair and packnplay. On Christmas morning, we ate cinnamon rolls and croissants. Momma frantically tried to unpackage gifts while we ran off with the scissors she was using. We really liked our cars, but we can’t figure out how to move them on our own. We also really like the doll stroller and the Klip Klop palace.

Christmas night we went to Poppy Mangles and we got a pair of tricycles. We insisted on getting pushed around and around the room. Poppy also showed us his train garden which was really fascinating to Andie, but not so much Charlee.

Halloween 2014

For Halloween, Charlee was a piglet and Andie was a duck.  Momma picked these costumes since the girls were familiar with these animals and could make the sounds.  Momma also wanted to see their little legs in tights!  Everyone LOVED the girls costumes and commented how cute they were, how Charlee’s blue eyes popped in the pink and how sillie Andie was running through the leaves.  The girls did not give us much trouble putting on the costumes.  We went to the neighborhood party and ate some snacks and then hung out with Miss Kate on our porch while Granddad and Bootsie visited too.  We had some chocolate which didn’t impact Andie, but kept Charlee awake until 11pm.

IMG_8283 IMG_8289 IMG_8295 IMG_8298IMG_0956IMG_0957IMG_8266IMG_8273IMG_8282 IMG_8305 IMG_8307 IMG_8313 IMG_8320 IMG_8326 IMG_8329 IMG_8333 IMG_8334

17 Months Old!

Food:  Charlee is a food monster – that girl can put down some serious food.  Both girls LOVE tomatoes, but we’ve had to restrict how many they can have since it is messing up digestion.  Charlee’s favorite foods are probably ice cream and popsicles.  On a regular basis, they are eating a lot of eggs, ham, cheese, beans, yogurt, apple sauce, and lately, cereal.  Andie is more picky, but can kill a huge bowl of macaroni and cheese and loves to chew mindlessly (and walk around endlessly) on bagels.  Both girls know where food is kept so they will point to the counter, cupboard, or freezer where the food they want is kept.  For example, Andie will point to the bananas or raisin bread whereas Charlee will be hanging off the freezer handle or carrying the cereal boxes around the house.  I bought them cereal to serve as a snack or dessert since it really isn’t any nutritionally different than the cookies and crackers we get for them.  Charlee will have a meltdown if you don’t give her the food she sees and wants.  Andie has become more of a snacker.  She won’t eat much at mealtime and then she will want whatever I’m trying to eat later.  The girls drive me crazy when they violently swipe the food off of their high chair trays onto the floor.  I’m like, I get that you don’t want to eat that, but there is no need to shoot it 15 feet across the kitchen!  I am so sick of cleaning up the highchairs and surrounding areas.

Movement:  The girls are officially running!  Andie is almost able to climb up the ladder to the playset.  Both girls carelessly slide down the stairs on their tummies.  Andie is climbing anything and everything and extremely dangerous.  Both girls go “upside down” where they basically do yoga downward dog with their heads on the floor and then you get big smiles if you roll them forward into a somersault. The girls will headlock and wrestle one another which is often cute, but then turns into someone screaming.  If you lay on the floor, both girls will run and attack you.  Charlee is also hug attacking us which involves a headlock and a cheek press into your face so hard that it hurts.  She will also kiss you… often open mouth.

Activities:  The girls have been watching more Mary Poppins and Sound of Music, but still enjoy Frozen.  I have been trying to get the girls into some other shows and movies but Charlee is VERY particular about what she watches.  I feel badly when Andie is into a show and Charlee demands that I change it and then Andie gets all upset and starts doing the sign language for “please” since she wants the show back on.  The girls still enjoy books the most.  You can ask them to point to almost anything in the books and they know what to point to… it is crazy astonishing.  The girls also enjoy their large legos and have been building small things.  We have been playing with Daddy’s old dinosaurs and if you ask the girls what sound a dinosaur makes, the say “roooaaarrrr.’  Adorable!  Andie even picked out a PJ at sams club with a dinosaur on the front.  The girls spend a lot of time in the basement playing with their roller coaster and their house.  They LOVE opening and closing the shutters to do hide n seek.  We also spend a lot of time in the yard.  Charlee will play with a ball or run around with the pinwheel, but Andie will stick her hands in the mulch, eat rocks, or sit in puddles.  Of course we try to have two adults outside at the same time since the girls run in opposite directions and obviously beeline for the street.  We borrowed a small foot powered car from a neighbor and let the girls play with it in the kitchen.  The car was a hit, but the girls frequently hi-jacked one another by forcing the door open, grabbing sissy by the shoulders and pulling her out of the car onto the kitchen floor.  We ended up putting the roller coaster car in the kitchen so that we had two cars at once, but in the end, I think we will need two cars.





andie saying yes with her whole body

charlee saying enthusiastic yeah

15 Months Old!

Frozen, Head Bumps, Caesar Salads, Popsicles, Walking, and Making Messes

The girls continue to be obsessed with the movie frozen.  Andy and I almost have the entire thing memorized.  Occasionally, we put on The Sound of Music, but typically Charlee throws the remote at us and is fussing until we say, “Do you want to watch Frozen?” and she breaks into the biggest smile ever.  Andie doesn’t seem to care as much about putting Frozen on, but she watches it just as much.

A typical night is Momma coming home between 430 and 500.  The girls eat dinner at 5pm every night, if not earlier.  They are still eating a lot of chicken, avocado, beans, chicken noodle soup, sweet potatoes and fruit.  If the girls eat quickly, we try to feed them cookies so they sit in their chairs longer so that we can eat dinner.  After dinner we usually go straight to Frozen or bath time.  The girls still LOVE bath time.  We try to keep them occupied until 7pm when we serve bottles, and then it’s teeth brushing and in bed at 730pm.  Usually once a week, we take the girls to Whole Foods or run another errand.  Andy taught the girls to tap watermelons so now we have to tap every watermelon that we see.  We have given a lot of laughs to other shoppers.  The girls are usually excellent at the store.

Even though the girls eat a big dinner and put up their arms to signal “all done” at the end, and still eat cookies or whatever else Momma tries to occupy them with, they still come after whatever Momma tries to eat.  This month, Momma frequently tried to eat her grilled caesar salad on the couch (while watching Frozen of course) and both girls needed to eat it too.  I don’t know why I bother making them toddler food when they LOVE caesar dressing and parmesan cheese.  They also want whatever Momma is drinking so she just started giving them their own tervis tumblers.  Many months ago, Andie wanted the red wine so Momma gave her a sip since she didn’t think Andie would like it, but she did.  Andie loves red wine and Charlee loves black tea.  These girls are strange.

The girls are walking very fast, if not running.  The only problem is that the faster they go, the more unsteady they become and next thing you know they launch themselves into the cabinets or pavement or whatever.  We have had more injuries this month than ever.  Daddy treats injuries with popsicles.  We have gone through a ton of popsicles.  Charlee is good at taking big bites, but Andie seems to have sensitive teeth and gets upset if she gets too big of a bite.

The girls are also obsessed with brushing their teeth.  They also love these banana teether-brushes which are silly to watch.

The girls have made a ton of messes this month.  I have not seen them play with their toys at all.  They would rather pull every tissue out of the tissue box, unroll the toilet paper, pull out and open all of the dvds, dump the box of straws, pull out any contents of cabinets and drawers, sit in empty amazon boxes, etc.

14 Months Old!


We are officially walking everywhere we go!  (Unless we are pathetically tired and then we just sit on the floor and cry and point at stuff.)  We still lose our balance sometimes and usually walk with our hands up in the air, but we make for good entertainment as we simulataneously wander the kitchen in loops and circles like zombies… ZOMBABIES!

Charlee’s piggie snortsies have graduated into piggie kisses and Andie does them too!  What is a piggie kiss?  It’s a snortsie with contact.  Occasionally, I get get Charlee to kiss me on the cheek or tell her to kiss her sister and she’ll at least make an effort to bob her face on Andie, but I can’t get Andie to kiss anything on demand.  She is only a spontaneously piggie kisser, usually into her blanket.  I’ve been trying to teach the girls about hugging.  Both girls can blow kisses and they will do it if you ask.  If you are leaving our house, we try to get them to wave bye and blow kisses.

This month, Momma had ankle surgery and spent a lot of time in bed.  The girls would make visits and play peek-a-boo around the corner.  They thought this was hilarious.  Charlee even got the point of trying to do peek-a-boo without hiding behind anything, she would just sort of quickly lean to one side and let out a smile as if there was a wall there.

The girls are OBSESSED with technology.  They love to play with cell phones.  They frequently call Momma on her way home.  They don’t say much and Charlee still waves for hello and bye bye since she doesn’t understand that I can’t see her through the phone.  Andie likes repeatedly pressing the main menu button on my phone since it will start beeping and open voice commands.  When she gets the phone of Andy, my mom or sister, she attempts to hit the same button, but the phones are different and she gets frustrated that she doens’t get the same result.  We have also been occupying the girls on the phones and computers by googling pictures of kittens, dogs, laughing babies, etc.  Andie likes gray stripey cats the best and Charlee likes light colored dogs.  If they see us on the lap top or with our phone, they will sit themselves in our laps and demand for us to do something.  “Charlee, what do you want to look at?”  She replies “Dogggssss”

The girls are OBSESSED with the movies Frozen and The Sound of Music; however over the course of the month, they have dictated that they prefer the songs and no plot.  They frequently bring the remote (okay throw the remote) to us so that we hit the skip button in order to get it to the next song.  Sometimes they dance or bop along and recently we’ve heard what sounds like singing.20140727_145234 20140724_180816 20140719_130638 20140719_113727 20140708_164252 20140703_182737

We don’t have many new words this month, but that is okay since energy for learning has gone to walking.  Andie now says “bath.”  “Andie, do you want a bath?”  She lights up and says, “BATH, BATH, BATH!”  The TH sound isn’t perfect yet, more of a T then an H, but she is close.  Charlee still forms her mouth into saying “bath” but doens’t actually say the word, more of a “Ba, ba, ba”  She has been doing this “practice” for a while.

Andie is still wearing 12m to 18m clothing, while Charlee is 18m to 24m/2T.  Andie is still in Size 3 diapers and Charlee is in Size 4, but I think both girls will be upsized soon.  Andie’s hair is getting long and it is usually messy, but it isn’t long enough for a ponytail yet.  Charlee’s hair has gotten REALLY curly so she doens’t have the messy look that Andie has.  Andie seems to tan really easily like her father and Charlee seems to have Momma’s skin.  Charlee has 5 or 6 freckles and Andie only has 1.  The girls are so different in everything that they do.  Andie is a mini Momma and Charlee is a mini Dad.  Andie is mostly likely to sleep on her stomach and tightly pulled together, while Charlee sleeps on her side or back all sprawled out.  We’ve started brushing our teeth regularly and the girls LOVE it… I guess that is a good thing.20140728_185336 20140707_17293820140723_210135 20140723_210149

13 Months Old!

10502093_10101774256278069_5587842085095719122_n 10372539_10101774256372879_8966667739141844521_n The girls got the book, Where is Baby’s Birthday Cake?  for their birthday and they are obsessed with it.  What does obsessed mean?  They throw the book at us so that we read it and then when we are done, they take it and throw it at us again.  Sometimes they bring it from across the room.  As we turn the pages looking for their birthday cake, the shake their heads with each “no.”  It has gotten to the point where  you only need to start reciting the book and they shake their heads no.  You can even ask the girls anything, but if you say the words birthday cake, then they shake their heads no.  And then you can ask them further other questions, like “Do you know where daddy is?” or “Do you have yogurt on your head?” and they will keep shaking their heads no.

We got other new toys for our birthday. Auntie Hayley got us a tunnel.  Andie went right on in and started hiding toys in there from Charlee… some blocks, a mini computer.  Sometimes we keep the tunnel in a bend and Andie pretends its a cave.  When it’s folded up, she nests inside of it.  Andie likes to nest in anything that she can.  Charlee eventually started crawling into the tunnel and now they crawl around  following each other through the tunnel.  It is very cute.

Neighbor Kate got us a roller coaster.  Andie tried it out without any problems, but Charlee had to be coaxed into it a few times before she loved it too.  Charlee likes to let go, put her hands in the air and ride it like a real roller coaster; however that is dangerous.  Andie is usually our more dangerous child, but Charlee does things dangerous too.  Her activity is usually just done more slowly that Andie so we are able to figure out what she is doing.

Even though we have a lot of new toys from our birthday, Charlee still likes to play with the doll house.

Andie has started with saying “that?” all the time and we have to tell her what she is pointing at.  Sometimes it sounds like she is saying “what’s that?”  To the untrained ear, people still think that she is saying “Dad.”  Both girls are pointing more than talking lately.  They point at what they want, they point at where they want to go.  The also occasionally crawl into our arms and buck around to indicate to us that they want to be taken to another room or place.

Mimi got us the movie, The Sound of Music, so we have been watching that a lot.  We find it VERY captivating.

Father’s Day marked our first time in a big pool!  We were hesitant for a few minutes, but then enjoyed it a lot!  Grandma got out some toys to include some rubber duckies.  While both girls went after the ducks, Andie was very insistent with her yelling DUCK DUCK DUCKKK!10390149_10152924438318858_7614387456759704720_n 10455366_10152924436908858_1418464376062264080_n

We have gotten into Mimi’s pool a few times too.  Andie keeps splashing her face straight into the water.  She is completely fearless.  She also thinks that she can swim.  When you try to hold her, she keeps thrashing around.  It is quite exhausting.  We have also been spending a lot of time in our baby pool that is right outside the kitchen on the deck.  We get in almost every day and splash around.



Charlee’s teeth are coming in at a faster pace than Andie.  Charlee has a fifth tooth starting to come in and Andie finally got 3 and 4.  The girls really like eating yogurt, cheese, popsicles, avocado, and berries.


The girls continue to love phones.  All this month they would have Daddy call Momma at 4:35 as she drove home from work.  Sometimes when Momma is home, they still try to call people so sometimes we call Mimi.

Lastly, both girls are almost fully walking.  They can take about 4-5 steps before losing balance.  If you are lightly holding their hands, they can walk forever.

20140601_145218 20140606_21053220140608_192135 20140613_193333

Our Bee-Day Party!

Momma rented a pavilion at Meadowood Park and brought in food and cupcakes from Graul’s Market.  It was a bee-utiful day!  We got to celebrate with 43 adults and 14 children!  Andie was a cheese as usual, while Charlee stayed close to Momma, Dadda, and Nanny.  We got to eat Strawberry and Lemon cupcakes!


20140607_125008 20140607_124821 20140607_122208 20140607_111752 20140607_111234IMG_7120 IMG_7119 IMG_7118 IMG_7117 IMG_7116 IMG_7115 IMG_7114 IMG_7113 IMG_7112 IMG_7111 IMG_7110 IMG_7109 IMG_7108 IMG_7107 IMG_7106 IMG_7105 IMG_7104 IMG_7103 IMG_7102 IMG_7101 IMG_7100 IMG_7099 IMG_7098 IMG_7097 IMG_7096 IMG_7095 IMG_7094 IMG_7093 IMG_7092 IMG_7091 IMG_7090 IMG_7089 IMG_7088 IMG_7087 IMG_7086 IMG_7085 IMG_7084 IMG_7083 IMG_7082 IMG_7081 IMG_7080 IMG_7079 IMG_7078 IMG_7077 IMG_7076 IMG_7075 IMG_7074 IMG_7073 IMG_7072 IMG_7071 IMG_7070 IMG_7069 IMG_7068 IMG_7067 IMG_7066 IMG_7065 IMG_7064 IMG_7063 IMG_7062 IMG_7061 IMG_7060 IMG_7059 IMG_7058 IMG_7057 IMG_7056 IMG_7055 IMG_7054 IMG_7053 IMG_7052 IMG_7051 IMG_7050 IMG_7049 IMG_7048 IMG_7047 IMG_7046 IMG_7045 IMG_7044 IMG_7043 IMG_7042 IMG_7041 IMG_7040 IMG_7039 IMG_7038 IMG_7037 IMG_7036 IMG_7035 IMG_7034 IMG_7033 IMG_7032 IMG_7031 IMG_7030 IMG_7029 IMG_7028 IMG_7027 IMG_7026 IMG_7025 IMG_7024 IMG_7023


IMG_3456 20140529_161555-MIX 20140529_160911 20140529_160811 20140529_160811-MIX 20140529_160649-MIX“Charlee, who is your sister, what is her name?”   “A-nee, a-nee, a-neeee”

“Charlee, what is your name?”  “eee-eee”

“Charlee, who is my little piggy?  “(snorts!)”

We can also, at request, point to our belly buttons, our toes, our noses, and point to elmo and dogs in books.  We can crawl upstairs and we can take a few steps before falling down.  We have gotten bored with our play area and prefer to wander around the house, but we seem to get into a lot of trouble.  We like to rough-house and Charlee has gotten into the habit of crouching on the floor in anticipation of being love attacked.  It seems like when she is not getting enough attention she lays on the floor with this huge grin on her face so you have to go tickle and squish her.  What is funny is when Andie attacks her!  They sort of roll around like puppies sometimes.  Charlee has also gotten good at hugging and kissing, although a hug is squishing something between her ear and shoulder and a kiss is just her putting her mouth on something.  Yesterday she went through the toy basket and hugged about 15 things that she pulled out.  She will also hug the couch and blankets.  Both girls will attack you if you lay on the floor.  While Charlee is more of a fall and squish, Andie is more of an attack without consequences so you have to make sure she doesn’t roll too far and hurt herself.  Andie acts without consequence…

Andie gave us our biggest scare yet-  On the evening of Tuesday May 20th, Dada was out of town and Momma had a friend over to help.  Charlee was being very funny breaking out some new dance moves so Andie decided to throw herself off the couch…. head first… hit the floor with the top of her head and then her neck cranked over with the rest of her body.  Momma called Mimi to see if she should go to the hospital but Andie hadn’t thrown up and didn’t have a bump so they just monitored her for a couple of hours… and then Momma slept on the nursery floor with her.  It was a rough night.IMG_4132

New foods that we are eating:  cheeseburger, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries.  New words we are saying:  Ut-oh.  hat.  sock.  We can also give high-five.

Our Birthday:  Mom took off work to spend the day with us because the nanny and Mimi were both out of town.  The plan was to go to the zoo, but weather was cooler and rainy.  For the first time ever… EVER… we slept in.  We haven’t slept past 630am ever and we usually wake up closer to 530am.  On our birthday morning we slept until 730am!  Momma and Dada were very happy to have the extra rest for our big day.  By 9am we were at THB for our blueberry bagels and cheese omelet.  We then went to the mall because Dada had to return stuff.  We walked around for almost two hours while every stranger and their brother talked to us (sometimes scared us) because we are twins.  We were running ragged by the end of our trip and Andie fell asleep in the car for a few minutes.  Upon getting home and going directly to our cribs, we refused to nap so Momma brought up bottles and we liked those but then we refused to nap again so Momma came up again and brought us down for lunch.  After lunch and some playtime we finally took our first nap of the day at around 1pm.  We made it to Flavor Cupcakery around 330pm and we got a Blackbottom cupcake and  carrot cupcake for free and we ate them outside in our booster seats.  We ate dinner when we got home and then Miss Kate came over with balloons for us to play with.  Charlee got something stuck in her eye and after some tears, Dada made us feel better with a popsicle!


Andie is better with letting us dress her.  While she can be a wiggle worm bucking bronco during diaper changes, she often enjoys being dressed, especially if it is something that we let her pick out.  She also likes to accessorize with any hats or necklaces that she finds.  She frequently wears hats inside, but refuses to keep a hat on her head outside in the sun!  Andie also likes when dad gives her a manicure.  She sits patiently and observes him each nail and then laughs hysterically when he pretends to file her nails.20140601_145218
Andie also enjoys what we call “nesting,” which makes sense she is a bird.  She likes to wrap herself in blankets or gets really excited if we make a nest for her out of a big comforter.  In her play area, she frequently crawls into the stuffed animal basket and sits there for a long time playing with the animals, or another toy or book that she brought in.

Andie can stand for “long” periods of time, 30 seconds to a minute at times.  It is sort of creepie when she does it.
In general, Andie continues to be very silly… putting random things on her head, putting a blanket over her head and ripping it off repeatedly, lots of yelling and hitting of things.
The bad:  Andie is super fast and dangerous.  She acts with no fear.  We had to take the plush baby chair out of the play pen area since she was climbing into in and jumping/rolling off without a worry… well until she hit the floor awkwardly and cries… and then she just does it again and again.  She often lets go of whatever she is holding onto and attempts to walk but falls badly.  On the other hand, Charlee will opt to sit anytime she doesn’t think she can do something.  We find ourselves encouraging Charlee to keep standing or walking, but she just sits down.20140606_175155-MOTION 20140530_175650 20140528_183340 20140524_122444 20140524_122434 20140524_071425 20140523_171942 20140522_164246 20140522_164100-MIX 20140522_083516 Straight-up Gangsta 20140520_171034 20140516_173821 20140515_182437 20140515_181923 20140609_181011 20140608_062842

Charlee makes you feel so loved.  It takes her a while to warm up, but when you get sweet Charlee, you could just eat her up with a spoon!  The bad:  Charlee is a major whiner… until you hit that sweet spot of time where she is laughs and snorts, she just whines, whines, whines.  She still fusses a lot with strangers and by strangers I mean everyone outside her approved circle of about 5 people.  Charlee has really enjoyed playing with her new dollhouse.  She likes to put the baby in the nursery and she likes to hold and hug the daddy figurine and say “da-da” over and over again.  There is another blond girl figurine that I ask Charlee if it is Charlee or Mimi and she just takes it, kisses it, hugs it.


Mother’s Day was one of the best weekends that we had.  Momma told Dadda to hang out with us all day on Saturday (instead of doing PhD work) so we went to THB and the park and Smyth.  Momma got two very pretty bracelets for Mother’s Day, a light blue one for Charlee and a dark blue one of Andie.  On Sunday, Momma took us to Granddads and Bootsie’s where we played with dogs and got into our new swings that Granddad surprised us with!20140511_140952 20140511_140655 20140510_084356 20140510_084350 20140510_084321


11 Months Old!


Andie has a favorite hat… she likes to put it on with her pajamas after bath time.  She also likes the headband-bow and attempts to jam it on her head until we help her with it.  Both girls love putting anything on their head and laughing at each other.  Charlee frequently attempts to remove whatever is on Andie’s head but Andie only laughs at Charlee.20140407_18325720140424_183328 (1)

Both girls are crawling well.  Charlee keeps trying to stand on her own by straightening her legs and then pushing from her hands.  It sort of looks like yoga pose downward dog.  She has been attempting to stand using any object possible, which is pretty funny when it is her sister or one of us.  The girls frequently pull themselves to standing at the window.  It took until later in the month for Charlee to become quick at pulling herself up like her sister.  Charlee loves waving at anything that moves from her window spot.  Andie usually smacks on the window with her hands or a toy.  She likes noise.

Andie is usually the first one to do a movement, but Charlee is usually the first to perfect it.  Charlee is very measured and accurate in her movements, while Andie is a bit scrappy and fast.  Andie is so fast!  Charlee seems to have better balance and gives the impression that she will walk first, but she is more timid than Andie.  Andie has less balance, but is just throwing herself out there, usually face planting to the floor.  Charlee will hold onto the gate with a pinkie and whine for what seems like forever before she decides to move a foot or sit back down.

20140405_093020 (1)

Andie continues to be what I call, “engineer brained” in that she examines everything… the steps of everything.  She will examine a piece of jewelry or clothing for a very long time.  She spent at least two minutes looking at my pearl earring tonight.  She also likes looking at your teeth.  My mom said that she must think it’s okay since we are always looking at her teeth that she can look at ours.  I say that she is playing dentist.  Andie curerntly has two bottom teeth while Charlee has two bottom teeth and the second top tooth just came through today.  Charlee’s top teeth are huge!  Andie is surprisingly good at the xylophone, but we have to hide it since Charlee keeps gagging herself with the mallet.  The girls have always liked eating their hairbrush, but my mom finally caught Andie actually brushing her hair with it.  She plays the xylophone and brushes her hair left handed.


Overall, Charlee is better with her hands and fingers for picking up food and turning pages.  She will sit with a book and turn its pages for a very long time.  The past week when we have read to them, they will attempt to pull themselves to standing using us for leverage and then they will just stand hands free near us.  It is sort of amazing to watch them balance for increasing amounts of time.  Charlee continues to be the love bug.  She has been having a blast “love attacking” us which entails getting ahold of us, usually by hair, fist of clothing, or ear and pulling her head into our bodies.  Sometimes she actually kisses us, but usually she is just pulling us into her with a crazy tight grip and squealing with delight.

It was practically overnight that the girls refused to be fed by spoon and insist on feeding finger foods and pouches to themselves.  The like to eat cheerios, clementines, chocolate milk, baby waffles, ground turkey, provolone, mozzarella, peas, black beans, and chick peas.  We LOVE yogurt pouches.  Ignore sissy choking in the picture below.


We also LOVE putting food in our hair.  This is a complete curl job done with banana.  We have had a lot of unplanned baths lately.  Andie is the more frequent offender and one night Andy and I just held her under the kitchen faucet to just rinse her head.  The way she got excited about it made us realize that the nanny or a grandmom must do that to her on a regular basis.20140329_124305

We had chocolate cake for the first time for Granddude’s birthday.  Andie liked it, but stayed calm.  Charlee was charging us like a rhino to get more.  We kept sitting her down and feeding it to her, but she’d get up and push me over trying to get more.

IMG_20140412_181742429 IMG_20140412_182159473 IMG_20140412_182154914

Charlee still isn’t too friendly with strangers, but decided that she likes Uncle Ryan and was calling him Momma so now we call him uncle Momma.

On April 12th, I took them out in public by myself for the first time.  It well pretty well aside from some minor craziness at the shoe store.  Charlee was licking the toys and shoes while Andie was eating the shoe stuffing paper.  Charlee was sized at a 5.0 wide and Andie was 4.5wide.  Charlee does have wide feet, but Andie has a  high instep.  Both girls love their new shoes.  Andie was already fascinated with adult shoes, so she loves that she now has her own sparkly shoes.20140413_192735

Charlee is still in size 4 diapers, while Andie is in size 3.  Their growth has slowed down some… we’ve stayed in the same size of clothing for more than a month!  We also still fit in a this laundry basket, but not for long!


They are clapping and move their hands with you when you try to do Patty Cake and moving their fingers if you sing the Itsy Bitsy Spider.  Andie likes these hand songs more than Charlee, but Charlee was attempting to sing along to the ABCs the other day.  Andie and Charlee are finally saying Da-Da.  One night, Andie was giving us a really hard time going to bed, so Andy finally took over the job while I listened to the monitor while washing bottles.  Andie keeps saying “Da-Da” all cute and happy and playful while sitting on his lap in the nursery.  He eventually puts her in her crib where she proceeds to cry out,  “DAAA-DAAAA!”  She then gets quiet for 20 seconds and starts with “MOMMAAAAA!”  She is already playing us.  Andie can say Momma, Dada, Bobba, and an occasional Hi.  Charlee says Momma, Dada, Bobba, an occasional bye bye, and Nom Noms, which is what she calls food.  Both have been talking a lot so we are hoping for some more actual words soon.

In our Easter Baskets we got books, crackers, binkies, crocs, and bath toys.  Everything was a hit!  I let Andie pick out their Easter clothes.  Since November, I have let the girls pick out their pajamas by offering each one to them and at first it was watching their faces to see if one color was more exciting, but for the past few months, they will reach out and select one.  It is funny to see how they have favorite pajamas or favorite colors.  When I took Andie upstairs to her closet on Easter morning, I showed her some outfits, but she got really REALLY excited when she found the blue and green outfit.  Sissy got a coordinating pink and red outfit.


When I bring clothes down for the girls, Andie is always really excited to see what I picked out and prefers blues, greens, teals and purples.  She has been sitting rather patiently when we dress her and seems to like being in pretty clothes.  If there is a stack of clothes, for example, laundry, or hand me downs, or even new clothes, she crawls over and buries herself in the pile and then frantically kicks her feet and throws the clothes around in joy.  She loves clothes.  Charlee has also stolen some of my clothes, but she only digs into them if they have a scent.  Below is a picture of her going around the kitchen with my sweater that smelled of a hair product I was wearing.  20140412_105300


We finally got some professional pictures taken and they turned out great.  The event in total was exhausting, but pretty much everything is lately.  Pictures here!

The girls still love selfies and seeing pictures and videos of themselves.  It is hilarious to hear the varying sounds of laughter watching them watch themselves.20140406_18525720140412_072016