Christmas 2014

On Christmas Eve, Momma hosted the McGrath family at 1pm. Aunt Lisa gave us a pair of mailboxes that we love! Aunt Charleen got us a picnic basket toy and a couple of cute purses. MomMom got us pj sets and frozen shirts. MiMi got us a table and chairs that is just our size and Hayley got us some food to play with. We were pros at opening presents since MiMi warmed us up with a gift advent where we were able to open a small gift everyday for the month of december. During the party, We mostly played with our new mailbox and the food. Charlee would clap and yell YAYyyyy after depositing a piece of mail and later that night (when she decided to stay away from 8pm to 11pm) she was pretending quite the feast, saying YUMMMmmm after pretending to drink milk and eat blueberries, “bu bu buuu” Andie had no problem falling asleep Christmas Eve night since she refused to take her daytime nap, which was tricky for Momma to put the final touches on the feast.

Charlee ended up sleeping in our bed (which made it quite challenging for Santa to come on time) so we were up at about 630am. Santa brought us a pair of cars, coloring supplies, snow outfits, the Klip Klop palace, a doctor kit, a tool kit, doll accessories such as a stroller, high chair and packnplay. On Christmas morning, we ate cinnamon rolls and croissants. Momma frantically tried to unpackage gifts while we ran off with the scissors she was using. We really liked our cars, but we can’t figure out how to move them on our own. We also really like the doll stroller and the Klip Klop palace.

Christmas night we went to Poppy Mangles and we got a pair of tricycles. We insisted on getting pushed around and around the room. Poppy also showed us his train garden which was really fascinating to Andie, but not so much Charlee.

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