Halloween 2014

For Halloween, Charlee was a piglet and Andie was a duck.  Momma picked these costumes since the girls were familiar with these animals and could make the sounds.  Momma also wanted to see their little legs in tights!  Everyone LOVED the girls costumes and commented how cute they were, how Charlee’s blue eyes popped in the pink and how sillie Andie was running through the leaves.  The girls did not give us much trouble putting on the costumes.  We went to the neighborhood party and ate some snacks and then hung out with Miss Kate on our porch while Granddad and Bootsie visited too.  We had some chocolate which didn’t impact Andie, but kept Charlee awake until 11pm.

IMG_8283 IMG_8289 IMG_8295 IMG_8298IMG_0956IMG_0957IMG_8266IMG_8273IMG_8282 IMG_8305 IMG_8307 IMG_8313 IMG_8320 IMG_8326 IMG_8329 IMG_8333 IMG_8334

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