IMG_3456 20140529_161555-MIX 20140529_160911 20140529_160811 20140529_160811-MIX 20140529_160649-MIX“Charlee, who is your sister, what is her name?”   “A-nee, a-nee, a-neeee”

“Charlee, what is your name?”  “eee-eee”

“Charlee, who is my little piggy?  “(snorts!)”

We can also, at request, point to our belly buttons, our toes, our noses, and point to elmo and dogs in books.  We can crawl upstairs and we can take a few steps before falling down.  We have gotten bored with our play area and prefer to wander around the house, but we seem to get into a lot of trouble.  We like to rough-house and Charlee has gotten into the habit of crouching on the floor in anticipation of being love attacked.  It seems like when she is not getting enough attention she lays on the floor with this huge grin on her face so you have to go tickle and squish her.  What is funny is when Andie attacks her!  They sort of roll around like puppies sometimes.  Charlee has also gotten good at hugging and kissing, although a hug is squishing something between her ear and shoulder and a kiss is just her putting her mouth on something.  Yesterday she went through the toy basket and hugged about 15 things that she pulled out.  She will also hug the couch and blankets.  Both girls will attack you if you lay on the floor.  While Charlee is more of a fall and squish, Andie is more of an attack without consequences so you have to make sure she doesn’t roll too far and hurt herself.  Andie acts without consequence…

Andie gave us our biggest scare yet-  On the evening of Tuesday May 20th, Dada was out of town and Momma had a friend over to help.  Charlee was being very funny breaking out some new dance moves so Andie decided to throw herself off the couch…. head first… hit the floor with the top of her head and then her neck cranked over with the rest of her body.  Momma called Mimi to see if she should go to the hospital but Andie hadn’t thrown up and didn’t have a bump so they just monitored her for a couple of hours… and then Momma slept on the nursery floor with her.  It was a rough night.IMG_4132

New foods that we are eating:  cheeseburger, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries.  New words we are saying:  Ut-oh.  hat.  sock.  We can also give high-five.

Our Birthday:  Mom took off work to spend the day with us because the nanny and Mimi were both out of town.  The plan was to go to the zoo, but weather was cooler and rainy.  For the first time ever… EVER… we slept in.  We haven’t slept past 630am ever and we usually wake up closer to 530am.  On our birthday morning we slept until 730am!  Momma and Dada were very happy to have the extra rest for our big day.  By 9am we were at THB for our blueberry bagels and cheese omelet.  We then went to the mall because Dada had to return stuff.  We walked around for almost two hours while every stranger and their brother talked to us (sometimes scared us) because we are twins.  We were running ragged by the end of our trip and Andie fell asleep in the car for a few minutes.  Upon getting home and going directly to our cribs, we refused to nap so Momma brought up bottles and we liked those but then we refused to nap again so Momma came up again and brought us down for lunch.  After lunch and some playtime we finally took our first nap of the day at around 1pm.  We made it to Flavor Cupcakery around 330pm and we got a Blackbottom cupcake and  carrot cupcake for free and we ate them outside in our booster seats.  We ate dinner when we got home and then Miss Kate came over with balloons for us to play with.  Charlee got something stuck in her eye and after some tears, Dada made us feel better with a popsicle!


Andie is better with letting us dress her.  While she can be a wiggle worm bucking bronco during diaper changes, she often enjoys being dressed, especially if it is something that we let her pick out.  She also likes to accessorize with any hats or necklaces that she finds.  She frequently wears hats inside, but refuses to keep a hat on her head outside in the sun!  Andie also likes when dad gives her a manicure.  She sits patiently and observes him each nail and then laughs hysterically when he pretends to file her nails.20140601_145218
Andie also enjoys what we call “nesting,” which makes sense she is a bird.  She likes to wrap herself in blankets or gets really excited if we make a nest for her out of a big comforter.  In her play area, she frequently crawls into the stuffed animal basket and sits there for a long time playing with the animals, or another toy or book that she brought in.

Andie can stand for “long” periods of time, 30 seconds to a minute at times.  It is sort of creepie when she does it.
In general, Andie continues to be very silly… putting random things on her head, putting a blanket over her head and ripping it off repeatedly, lots of yelling and hitting of things.
The bad:  Andie is super fast and dangerous.  She acts with no fear.  We had to take the plush baby chair out of the play pen area since she was climbing into in and jumping/rolling off without a worry… well until she hit the floor awkwardly and cries… and then she just does it again and again.  She often lets go of whatever she is holding onto and attempts to walk but falls badly.  On the other hand, Charlee will opt to sit anytime she doesn’t think she can do something.  We find ourselves encouraging Charlee to keep standing or walking, but she just sits down.20140606_175155-MOTION 20140530_175650 20140528_183340 20140524_122444 20140524_122434 20140524_071425 20140523_171942 20140522_164246 20140522_164100-MIX 20140522_083516 Straight-up Gangsta 20140520_171034 20140516_173821 20140515_182437 20140515_181923 20140609_181011 20140608_062842

Charlee makes you feel so loved.  It takes her a while to warm up, but when you get sweet Charlee, you could just eat her up with a spoon!  The bad:  Charlee is a major whiner… until you hit that sweet spot of time where she is laughs and snorts, she just whines, whines, whines.  She still fusses a lot with strangers and by strangers I mean everyone outside her approved circle of about 5 people.  Charlee has really enjoyed playing with her new dollhouse.  She likes to put the baby in the nursery and she likes to hold and hug the daddy figurine and say “da-da” over and over again.  There is another blond girl figurine that I ask Charlee if it is Charlee or Mimi and she just takes it, kisses it, hugs it.


Mother’s Day was one of the best weekends that we had.  Momma told Dadda to hang out with us all day on Saturday (instead of doing PhD work) so we went to THB and the park and Smyth.  Momma got two very pretty bracelets for Mother’s Day, a light blue one for Charlee and a dark blue one of Andie.  On Sunday, Momma took us to Granddads and Bootsie’s where we played with dogs and got into our new swings that Granddad surprised us with!20140511_140952 20140511_140655 20140510_084356 20140510_084350 20140510_084321


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